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Goddess Kali

Goddess Maa Kali: “Another manifestation of goddess Maa Durga. She killed the demon named Raktabij which represents human desires. These desires detract man from following the spiritual path. Yogically She is the primordial Female Energy. She is the kinetic state of Prana from whom creation emanates. Common man considers worldly knowledge to be actual knowledge, for this reason Kali has been depicted as black because in her state of first manifestation, worldly knowledge did not evolve amidst creation.
Her lolling tongue is symbol of Khecari mudra of a yogi. The falchion in her left hand symbolizes the annihilation of ignorance of a yogi and entry into the realm of knowledge. Practicing ardent Kriya a yogi attains soul-realization, then he achieves omniscience. The 108 garland of demon heads indicate the 108 bestial proclivities in man. These devilish propensities have evolved from the kinetic state of Prana within man and deter him from remaining materially detached. But when Prana is still, the activities of these devilish propensities cease, this cessation of activity is symptomatic of destruction. Therefor Kali has been depicted with the falchion severing the 108 demons. This severance of ignorance is necessary, for a yogi is purified and attains soul-knowledge.
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The Four Yugas in Hindu Mythology

In Satya-yuga, the golden age, the principles of religion work fully. The average lifespan is a hundred thousand years, and self-realization is attained by prolonged meditation.

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Bama Khepa

“My Father (Shiva) is naked; my Mother (Tara) is also naked. So, I am practicing that. Moreover, I don’t live in society. I live in the cremation ground with my Mother. So I have no shame or fear!”

Although Bamakhepa is not particularly know for worshipping Kali, he was such a great Mother worshipper and contemporary of Sri Ramakrishna that he should be mentioned. Bamakhepa worshipped Mother in the form of Tara and became a famous Tantric saint practicing sadhana at the Trapith cremation ground. Tarapith in West Bengal is difficult to get to and, therefore, only a few Westerners have visited this ancient spiritual center. Tarapith is situated in the district of Birbhum, home of the Bauls and birthplace of famous Vaishnava and Shakta saints. Bamakhepa was born in 1837-one year after Sri Ramakrishna-near Tarapith … Click here to learn more …


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