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In the company of devotees

Master at Balaram’s house -March 11, 1882

About eight o’clock in the morning Sri Ramakrishna went as planned to Balaram Bose’s house in Calcutta. It was the day of the Dolayatra. Ram, Manomohan, Rakhal, Nityagopal, and other devotees were with him. M., too, came, as bidden by the Master.

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Bhagwan Dattatreya and his 24 Gurus

When Guru Dattatreya was a child, a king visited the ashram. Because his parents were away, Dattatreya greeted the king and the king saw an inner joy radiating from the boy. The king immediately realized that the boy was gifted with great wisdom and started talking to him.

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Why the techniques of Kriya Yoga is kept secret?

This question arises in every Kriyaban’s mind. One even thinks that ‘ why we are not even allowed to talk about the experiences we have while practicing Kriya Yoga’? Can anyone initiated in Kriya yoga give initiation to others? Is it like yoga training given in clubs etc.? Answer is noOnly who has completed the yoga-sadhana (all 6 stages) and reverted to origin Brahma and permitted by previous Guru can only initiate others.Physical Guru remaining affixed in Kutastha (yoga-mergence state/Static state of Prana) initiate seeker (kinetic Prana) how to revert to Static Prana. When one practices kriya Pranayama – it’s mainly oblation of Prana Air to Apana air and vice versa – that Prana Air is Guru and Kutastha is Sri Guru. So, Guru state (Prana Air) remaining in disciple is doing kriya. If disciple thinks that he is doing kriya, then it’s misconception. Also, it’s stilling the main 5 airs i.e. Prana Apana, Udana, Vyana & Samana – if there is disbalance in stilling these airs…even a doctor cannot cure this disbalance. So, Yogi Guru is doctor above doctor, he can make the balance happen in disciple…that is why there are instances of seeker trying to do kriya by reading book leading to fatal consequences. It is Guru who can take disciple from kinetic state to still state thus achievement in mergence in Still Prana or God. Is it possible by any Guru….answer is firm NO. Kriyayoga Gurus are rare and it’s by firm lineages…not vague lineages. It’s austere sadhana for Soul Realization. There is a thread between all Gurus in a lineage, so it has been found sometimes Guru’s Guru coming to rescue a disciple from dangers. These Boundless Gurus normally never displays yogic-wealth and emphasise that disciple do kriya diligently. Whole matter is farmly grounded , rational, scientific and no deviation from normal circumstances. Obeisance to God is easy, but achievement of God state is tough…but not impossible…Guru always emphasis that….so firmly grounded.

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Heritage of India – Kriya Yoga

Of all God’s creations man is the most wonderful, for all other living beings are limited by their nature relying on their instincts for survival. For example the Tiger’s nature is different from that of an Elephant and that of a Crocodile and so on, but only human beings have the discriminating nature to decide on the options of taking action in every situation. It is for this very reason that he is subject to the Karmic Debt (the law of action and reaction) but that too during deferred life times. Our body does over 40 – 50 thousand actions in a day on its own. Sometimes with knowledge , at times unconsciously and sometimes without even knowing it.

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When men worshipped God – Three Aspects of Nature

Worship of God in prehistoric times began through man’s fear of the various forces of nature. When it rained excessively, floods killed many people. Awed, man thought of the rain and wind and other natural forces as gods. Later on, human beings realized that nature operates in three ways: creative, preservative, and dissolutive. A wave rising out of the ocean exemplifies the creative state; staying for a moment on the sea-breast, it is in the preservative state; and sinking back into the deep, it passes through the dissolutive state.


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Who is Saraswati Devi ?

Rig veda is the oldest treatise in our culture which dates back to many thousands of years. The Rishis who compiled the Rig Veda did mention Saraswati, Ila and Bharati in the mantras. They did not formulate the mantras they were mantra drashtas. They saw the mantras in action.
What they saw in action they have faithfully narrated through the mantras.Since they had this extraordinary perception they were known as ‘vipras’.
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God in Everything by Swami Vivekananda, London, 27 October 1896

We have seen how the greater portion of our life must of necessity be filled with evils, however we may resist, and that this mass of evil is practically almost infinite for us. We have been struggling to remedy this since the beginning of time, yet everything remains very much the same. The more we discover remedies, the more we find ourselves beset by subtler evils…


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