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Story of Lord Ganesha’s broken tusk


Lord Ganesha

Shri Ganesh had two tusks, but he had a great fight with Parshuram, when Ganesh laid claims to immortality.

There are only seven who are immortal :-
1) Shri Hanumanji
2) Vibhishan
3) Kripacharya
4) Shri Parshuram
5) Ashwathama
6) Bali and
7) Ved Vyas (Markandey Rishi also joined their ranks later)

These great men do not die and even when the world dissolves and a new world takes birth they will be here.


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Goddess Maa Durga & Her family

The Munis, Rishies and the exalted Yogis of Bharat (India) penned all their sadhana realizations for the benefit of the future mankind known as the Sastras (The Vedas, Upanishadas, Puranas etc. including Gita). Worshipping of Idols was never mentioned or advised in any of these Sacred Books. When a sadhaka performs this Kriyajoga Sadhana the visualization of these idols come naturally to him and he then comprehends the inner meaning. Those who criticize worshipping of Idols do that out of lack of understanding and utmost ignorance.


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