Why the techniques of Kriya Yoga is kept secret?

16 May

This question arises in every Kriyaban’s mind. One even thinks that ‘ why we are not even allowed to talk about the experiences we have while practicing Kriya Yoga’? Can anyone initiated in Kriya yoga give initiation to others? Is it like yoga training given in clubs etc.? Answer is noOnly who has completed the yoga-sadhana (all 6 stages) and reverted to origin Brahma and permitted by previous Guru can only initiate others.Physical Guru remaining affixed in Kutastha (yoga-mergence state/Static state of Prana) initiate seeker (kinetic Prana) how to revert to Static Prana. When one practices kriya Pranayama – it’s mainly oblation of Prana Air to Apana air and vice versa – that Prana Air is Guru and Kutastha is Sri Guru. So, Guru state (Prana Air) remaining in disciple is doing kriya. If disciple thinks that he is doing kriya, then it’s misconception. Also, it’s stilling the main 5 airs i.e. Prana Apana, Udana, Vyana & Samana – if there is disbalance in stilling these airs…even a doctor cannot cure this disbalance. So, Yogi Guru is doctor above doctor, he can make the balance happen in disciple…that is why there are instances of seeker trying to do kriya by reading book leading to fatal consequences. It is Guru who can take disciple from kinetic state to still state thus achievement in mergence in Still Prana or God. Is it possible by any Guru….answer is firm NO. Kriyayoga Gurus are rare and it’s by firm lineages…not vague lineages. It’s austere sadhana for Soul Realization. There is a thread between all Gurus in a lineage, so it has been found sometimes Guru’s Guru coming to rescue a disciple from dangers. These Boundless Gurus normally never displays yogic-wealth and emphasise that disciple do kriya diligently. Whole matter is farmly grounded , rational, scientific and no deviation from normal circumstances. Obeisance to God is easy, but achievement of God state is tough…but not impossible…Guru always emphasis that….so firmly grounded.

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